The Agency Blueprint Podcast

| January 26, 2024

Season 11 | Ep 119 | Agency Authority Building for Scaling Lead Generation & Sales with Rusty Shelton

Are you conflicted about whether to position yourself as a corporate brand or a thought leader in the industry? Positioning yourself as a mission-driven authority in your industry is much easier...

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| January 19, 2024

Season 11 | Ep 118 | Agency Profits: Managing Your Budget Like A Pro

Do you have a budget to guide your expenditure and reinvestment decisions? To avoid the nervousness that comes with questioning your financial decisions, it’s important to have a good budget...

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| January 12, 2024

Season 10 | Ep 117 | Creative Process Check-In – The Launch Method

Do you realize the more work is done and redone, the less profitable your agency becomes? The cycle of doing and redoing things leads you to do things yourself, which is why your agency isn’t...

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| January 5, 2024

Season 10 | Ep 116 | Selling Your Art – Design Presentation Secrets

How do you walk through your design presentation in a compelling way? How do you sell your work, not just show it and ask for feedback? Are you selling your art during the design presentation? If...

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| December 15, 2023

Season 10 | Ep 115 | Agency Project Management – Systemize Your Success

Do you find yourself often overlooking project management? Project management is at the core of your agency and the heart of your future; without it, you will not scale.

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| December 8, 2023

Season 10 | Ep 114 | Full-Service Agency Model with Inbound Back Office

How do you create systems and processes to allow for a full-service agency to scale? What does it take to set up a full-service agency in a way that it can function without the owner?

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| December 1, 2023

Season 10 | Ep 113 | Leveraging Your Network – The Non-Sales Pitch

How do you tap into your network and their network? How do you equip your network with the right information to bring you leads without making them feel obligated?

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| November 17, 2023

Season 10 | Ep 112 | Selling Value – Winning the Experience Game

Do you know you’ll be set on sale success by selling based on value? After confidence, the second most important thing in a sale is value.

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| November 10, 2023

Season 10 | Ep 111 | Confidence and Value – Your Agency's Best Sales Tactic

Do you believe in yourself enough to make a sale? Selling is a skill that gets better with time, and we all start at an awkward place. More than anything, making a sale requires confidence and an...

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| November 1, 2023

Season 10 | Ep 110 | Agency Sales Update – State of The Industry with Jody Sutter

What have been your experiences in the industry lately? A lot has been happening in the industry in the current economic environment regarding longer sales cycles, greater price sensitivity, and...

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