The Agency Blueprint Podcast

| October 14, 2022

Season 6 | Ep 67 | Setting Client Expectations for Long-Term Success

Expectations are the foundation of the relationship between you and your client, so make sure you set the appropriate expectations from the start. Do not oversell or overpromise so you can have a...

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| October 7, 2022

Season 6 | Ep 66 | Get Your Creative Team to Sell Too

Have you truly empowered your creative team to sell more and help clients to engage with them? You can train your creative team to have sales conversations with existing clients and leverage those...

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| September 30, 2022

Season 6 | Ep 65 | Scaling Lead Generation For Your Agency

How about prioritizing your business in the same way you would a client from now on? To grow and scale your agency, you need to invest in it and become its most dedicated and largest client.  

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| September 23, 2022

Season 6 | Ep 64 | Structuring A Kickoff Call That Sets You Up for Success

To set your clients up for success and establish a long-lasting relationship, it’s imperative to understand their emotions during kickoff.  

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| September 16, 2022

Season 6 | Ep 63 | The Go-Giver Way With Bob Burg

What does it mean to do things the go-giver way? Is it something you’re ready to incorporate as the leader of your agency? Being a go-giver means moving your focus off yourself and making it about...

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| September 9, 2022

Season 6 | Ep 62 | The Simple Follow-Up System for Creative Agencies

How do you follow up with your prospects and turn them into buying customers? Did you know that 80 percent of sales come from the fifth to the twelve contact? This means that you need to nurture your...

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| September 2, 2022

Season 6 | Ep 61 | Ingredients For Scaling A Creative Agency

Are you looking to make things easier as you grow and scale within your agency? There’s a framework with some foundational key ingredients necessary for growing and scaling your creative agency. 

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| July 22, 2022

Season 5 | Ep 60 | Referrals Without Asking with Stacey Brown Randall

How would you like to get referrals for your agency without being overly promotional about it? 

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| July 15, 2022

Season 5 | Ep 59 | Becoming The Leader Your Creative Agency Deserves

Does it feel like your team isn’t performing as well as you want them to? Then, maybe it’s time for you to look at your leadership style.

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| July 8, 2022

Season 5 | Ep 58 | Get Targeted Publicity with Christine Haas

Is your agency in need of good reputation management? One of the best ways to do that is through targeted publicity.

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