The Agency Blueprint Podcast

| August 18, 2023

Season 9 | Ep 99 | Money vs Culture with Allyns Melendez

Are you creating a rewarding culture vs just giving people what they want? While money is a great tactic for retaining talent, it’s important to create a culture of value that goes beyond money.

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| August 11, 2023

Season 9 | Ep 98 | How to Manage Demanding Clients

Have you dealt with a demanding client before? How did they impact you and your agency? Demanding clients can be exhausting and often leave you and your team frustrated.

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| August 4, 2023

Season 9 | Ep 97 | Marcel Petitpas on Agency Pricing Models

Do you have the right billing model? Do you find it hard to navigate the conversation around pricing as an agency owner? There are factors you should consider when looking into a billing model, but...

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| July 28, 2023

Season 8 | Ep 96 | Low Hanging Fruit – Revenue in the Next 30 Days

What is the best way to bring in more revenue to your agency in the next 30-60 days? Have you tried reaching out to old prospects and clients to see where they stand now?

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| July 21, 2023

Season 8 | Ep 95 | Finances and Agency Growth Management with Ryan Watson

What financial stage is your agency, and how are you managing the growth? Agency growth has four discreet stages that drive decisions: the create mode, build mode, grow mode, and big business stage.

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| July 14, 2023

Season 8 | Ep 94 | Client Coordination & Timely Projects

Do you find yourself dealing with untimely projects and client incoordination? At the core of avoiding situations like these is proper communication.

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| July 7, 2023

Season 8 | Ep 93 | Revenue Share For Agencies - True Alignment

Have you considered revenue share and equity as ways to build passive income in your agency? Revenue share and equity are great ways to build alignment and accomplish wider goals with the client and...

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| June 30, 2023

Season 8 | Ep 92 | Challenges that Agencies Face at Different Stages of Growth with Phil Case

Different stages of growing an agency face different challenges. What sort of challenges are you facing at the stage of growth you’re in right now and how are you handling them? The effort and...

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| June 23, 2023

Season 8 | Ep 91 | Training High Performing Teams

Did you know you can have more negative long-term impact to your agency by failing to invest appropriately in your team and by failing to ensure you have the right people? The best thing you can do...

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| June 16, 2023

Season 8 | Ep 90 | Email Copywriting - Assume Rapport

Bad emails that come of as too salesy don’t convert. How do you send emails that are engaging, converting, adds value, and aren’t annoying to the receiver? Having the desire to be helpful and add...

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