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The Agency Blueprint Podcast listing page

| March 19, 2021

Season 1 | Ep 10 | Creative Ways To Get Into Legal with Sharon Toerek

In this episode Robert Patin speaks with Sharon Toerek from Toerek Law about legal issues facing creative agencies. 

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| February 26, 2021

Season 1 | Ep 7 | Achieve Massive Success by Becoming Your Own Change Agent

We all need to be our own advocates, propelling ourselves to a better life. 

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| February 19, 2021

Season 1 | Ep 6 | Putting Your Authority Into Action for Optimum Profitability and Performance

In this episode we explore why establishing yourself as an authority is important and how to go about it. 

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| February 5, 2021

Season 1 | Ep 4 | Make Your Billable Hours Count

Agencies are often looking at the wrong places to scale and become profitable. 

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| January 29, 2021

Season 1 | Ep 3 | Increase Revenue 10x By Leveraging Value Based Pricing

Value Based Fees are the key to a profitable and turn key agency. 

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| January 28, 2021

Season 1 | Ep 2 | How To Manage a Niche Agency Effectively

In this episode we review what it means to be a Niche agency, why it is important and how to do it successfully. 

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