The Agency Blueprint Podcast

| March 18, 2022

Season 4 | Ep 47 | Client Management & Proposals with Daniel H

If I had to point to two thingsthatincrease agency efficiency and profitability, it wouldhave to come down to‘Client Management’ & ‘Proposals.’ Client management wouldincludeinternal, external...

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| March 11, 2022

Season 4 | Ep 46 | Your Superpower

Are you struggling in your agency because you offer so many services - and most of them aren’t even something that you’re good at? I’ve seen a lot of agencies struggle with this. The question is… why...

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| March 4, 2022

Season 4 | Ep 45 | Estimating with Marcel Petitpas

Accurate estimation is the foundation of an agency’s profitability. Without the ability to accurately assess how much effort it is going to take to get an outcome for a client, it is extremely...

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| February 25, 2022

Season 4 | Ep 44 | You Have The Time

“I have zero time.” I’ve heard clients say this more times than I can count. And if you can relate to that, then you need to make a choice to manage your time better.

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| February 18, 2022

Season 4 | Ep 43 | Leads & Energy

There are many ways and platforms that will allow your agency to generate leads. But how will you know which one is most effective?

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| February 11, 2022

Season 4 | Ep 42 | Stop Overworking Yourself - Work - Life - Balance

Overworking yourself doesn’t lead to happiness. It doesn’t even lead to greater profits in your agency in most cases. I know this because… I’ve struggled with it.

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| February 4, 2022

Season 4 | Ep 41 | Recruiting & Talent Retention with Megan Kuethen

Acquiring and retaining the right talent is the most important key to growth for any agency. Unfortunately, while this has proven true, agencies continue to use outdated processes that are no longer...

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| January 28, 2022

Season 4 | Ep 40 | Change

Change is incredibly important. If something isn’t working in your agency, you must do something different. Don’t let your fears and what-ifs keep you in decision-making paralysis.

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| January 21, 2022

Season 4 | Ep 39 | Proactive Vision Meetings

How do you set up the platform that’ll make your agency launch and grow? It all begins with the vision that you have for your agency.

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| January 14, 2022

Season 4 | Ep 38 | Roadmap To Growing An Agency

Think of the growth of your agency like a road trip where the destination is your goal. During your journey, you’ll have various stops. You’ll encounter signs and maybe roadblocks along the way. How...

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