The Agency Blueprint Podcast

| December 1, 2023

Season 10 | Ep 113 | Leveraging Your Network – The Non-Sales Pitch

How do you tap into your network and their network? How do you equip your network with the right information to bring you leads without making them feel obligated?

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| November 17, 2023

Season 10 | Ep 112 | Selling Value – Winning the Experience Game

Do you know you’ll be set on sale success by selling based on value? After confidence, the second most important thing in a sale is value.

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| November 10, 2023

Season 10 | Ep 111 | Confidence and Value – Your Agency's Best Sales Tactic

Do you believe in yourself enough to make a sale? Selling is a skill that gets better with time, and we all start at an awkward place. More than anything, making a sale requires confidence and an...

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| November 1, 2023

Season 10 | Ep 110 | Agency Sales Update – State of The Industry with Jody Sutter

What have been your experiences in the industry lately? A lot has been happening in the industry in the current economic environment regarding longer sales cycles, greater price sensitivity, and...

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| October 27, 2023

Season 10 | Ep 109 | The Industry Migration - Agency of Record to Boutique

Change is constant; the industry is constantly shifting. Recently, there has been a migration from boutique to agency of record and back to boutique. How do you then leverage this change and...

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| October 20, 2023

Season 9 | Ep 108 | Managing Operational Chaos

How often does operational chaos show up in your agency, and how do you manage them? Operational chaos causes many issues for agency growth, scale, profit, and your mental well-being as the owner.

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| October 13, 2023

Season 9 | Ep 107 | Selling a Brand Identity Business with Jane Bayler

How do you grow and sell an agency at four times its original worth? It’s not easy to sell creative work or reposition a brand. Many changes must happen, from how you show up to how the creative team...

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| October 6, 2023

Season 9 | Ep 106 | Researching Your Market - Validating Your Offer

Is your offer something that your ideal client really wants to buy? Is your offer something that your ideal client really wants to buy? Is it useful and something they will invest in and pay the...

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| September 29, 2023

Season 9 | Ep 105 | Operational Creative Process with Juliana Marulanda

How do you process-orient to avoid project issues and quality decrease? Do you know that the only way to scale is to have a process? Having a centralized system in place is the only way to ensure you...

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| September 22, 2023

Season 9 | Ep 104 | Transitioning Clients - How to Make the Shift

What do you do with your current clients when niching down on your services or clients? Niching down your agency makes processes more efficient and effective and is a large part of your growth and...

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