The Agency Blueprint Podcast

| February 10, 2023

Season 7 | Ep 77 | Attract the Right Type of Clients to Your Creative Agency

How do you start attracting the right type of client to your creative agency? Having the right clients can make all the difference in your agency’s success, but it’s also not an easy task. 

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| February 3, 2023

Season 7 | Ep 76 | Agency Software Stack with Jamie Hawk

How are you implementing software to improve operations and grow your agency? The sooner you start using the right software systems in your business, the quicker it will be to take care of your pain...

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| January 27, 2023

Season 7 | Ep 75 | Agency Pricing Models - Creative Flexibility & Retainers

Wouldn’t it be great to develop an ongoing relationship that allows for creative flexibility with your clients? There are a couple of ways to set up monthly engagements that work around flexibility...

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| January 20, 2023

Season 7 | Ep 74 | Agency Billing Models - Hourly vs Fixed Priced

What is the best pricing structure for your agency? Are you just at the start of your journey, or do you have a better understanding of your client and the deliverables? Each of the pricing models...

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| January 13, 2023

Season 7 | Ep 73 | Agency Scale Method

Are you providing purpose and energy? Are you living in your true core expertise? Do you have authority within the space of who your ideal client is while still having profit and revenue assured? 

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| November 18, 2022

Season 6 | Ep 72 | The Scaleup Mindset

Wouldn’t it be great if you could be able to grow your agency while still onboarding new clients effortlessly? This needs a systematic approach and a true leadership mindset focusing on scalability.  

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| November 11, 2022

Season 6 | Ep 71 | Transition From Agency Owner To CEO With Darren Ward

If you want to build an agency that operates without you and allows you to live your desired lifestyle, you need to move from agency owner to CEO.  

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| November 4, 2022

Season 6 | Ep 70 | Six Step Client Onboarding Process for Creative Agencies

Do you have an onboarding system to help you avoid making costly mistakes? Having a system within your agency is a pivotal piece in your relationship with the client and how they continue working...

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| October 28, 2022

Season 6 | Ep 69 | Simplifying Operations of Your Agency

Simplifying your business operations will make your life easier. If you want to be successful in your agency, you have to learn to embrace and enjoy change, and change starts with simplicity.  

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| October 21, 2022

Season 6 | Ep 68 | How to Find a High-Value Niche for A Creative Agency

Does the niche you’re in feel right and true to what you’re passionate about? Selecting a niche is about differentiating yourself from the competition, so you can attract the right clients and grow...

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