The Agency Blueprint Podcast

| March 15, 2024

Season 11 | Ep 126 | Agency Proposals with Joe Ardeeser

Is creating proposals the most time-consuming task in your agency? Do you feel like you need to change things up to make the process smoother and less time-consuming?

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| March 8, 2024

Season 11 | Ep 125 | Team Cultural Impacts

What does culture look like in your agency? Cultural issues can significantly impact your growth because they touch on everyone, from leadership to team members.

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| March 1, 2024

Season 11 | Ep 124 | Your Freedom Through Automation

Did you know there are some automation things you can do to reduce menial work in your agency?

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| February 23, 2024

Season 11 | Ep 123 | The Best Agency Lead Generation Strategy with Claire Hutchings

What is the best lead gen and marketing tactic your agency needs to succeed? You’ll be surprised to find out there’s no silver bullet with marketing; any strategy can be successful with consistency.

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| February 16, 2024

Season 11 | Ep 122 | Your Hiring Strategy

How do you develop a strategic hiring plan that allows you to stay ahead of the curve? Bringing on people and continually adding more team members when needed can be challenging, but things get a lot...

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| February 9, 2024

Season 11 | Ep 121 | Branding Your Agency – How to Use Brand Archetypes to Forget the Competition with Kaye Putnam

What makes you unique? What is your genius and how can you use it to stand out in your industry? Bringing your essence into your brand and being in your zone of genius will help you attract your...

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| February 2, 2024

Season 11 | Ep 120 | Growing Your Agency by 10-50% with 1 Meeting Framework

Did you know there’s something you could be doing to substantially grow your agency without needing to add more new clients? It involves leveraging your existing clients by adding more strategic...

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| January 26, 2024

Season 11 | Ep 119 | Agency Authority Building for Scaling Lead Generation & Sales with Rusty Shelton

Are you conflicted about whether to position yourself as a corporate brand or a thought leader in the industry? Positioning yourself as a mission-driven authority in your industry is much easier...

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| January 19, 2024

Season 11 | Ep 118 | Agency Profits: Managing Your Budget Like A Pro

Do you have a budget to guide your expenditure and reinvestment decisions? To avoid the nervousness that comes with questioning your financial decisions, it’s important to have a good budget...

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| January 12, 2024

Season 10 | Ep 117 | Creative Process Check-In – The Launch Method

Do you realize the more work is done and redone, the less profitable your agency becomes? The cycle of doing and redoing things leads you to do things yourself, which is why your agency isn’t...

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