| April 30, 2021

LinkedIn Lead Generation with Cameron Scott

LinkedIn is an under utilized lead source. When used right it can results in a tremendous number of leads and regular leads. 

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| April 23, 2021

The Profitable Agency

Building a Profitable and Successful agency can be difficult, especially when you consider the owners time is finite.  

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| April 16, 2021

Open Team Communication

At the core of your agency is your team, that is who makes your agency function. 

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| April 9, 2021

Contracts & Cash Flows

A lot was learned in the past 12 months, and one of those lessons was that cash is king. 

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| April 2, 2021

Bulletproof SOWs

Scopes of Work or Statements of Work are at the center of the creative industry.

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| March 26, 2021

Client Expectation Process

You Client Expectation process is key to long term happy clients and a profitable agency. 

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| March 19, 2021

Legal & Creative with Sharon Toerek

In this episode Robert Patin speaks with Sharon Toerek from Toerek Law about legal issues facing creative agencies. 

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| March 5, 2021

Client Communication Frequency

I see agencies do this backwards all the time. 

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| February 26, 2021

Being Your Own Change Agent

We all need to be our own advocate, propelling ourselves to a better life. 

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