| September 10, 2021

Tools for Sales Reporting

Every agency owner wants to increase the number of clients they are working with. After all, greater profitability is the overall goal. But how do you go about doing that? The answer lies in the...

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| September 3, 2021

Agency Sales Cycle

70% of agencies average getting between one to three new clients per month. There are lots of different components that feed into that number, such as generating leads, establishing urgency, and...

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| June 25, 2021

Utilizing Data

Utilizing analytical data is prime to finding new paths from new insights using historical data.  

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| June 18, 2021

Offering What Your Clients Need

Building long-term, exceptional value client relationships is pivotal to your agency's success. 

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| June 11, 2021

Raising Your Profile with Charlotte Ellis Maldari

In this episode, Robert Patin speaks with Charlotte Maldri, founder of Kafeen. Charlotte helps design agencies to create and implement marketing activities that generate new business. 

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| June 4, 2021

Agency Sales Tools

In this episode, Robert Patin dives deep into ways to scale your sales operations using the proper tools. Learn how you can remove constant challenges in your day-to-day sales processes and refocus...

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| May 28, 2021

Lead Nurture & Client Chun with Shaun Clark

In this episode, Robert interviews Shaun Clark and we talk about next-level automation that helps thriving Agencies & Marketers grow.

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| May 21, 2021

Value Proposition

In this episode, Robert Patin steps you through four proven components to building a robust sales value proposition.

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| May 14, 2021

Getting the Price Right with Sara Dunn

In this episode we discuss the importance on Niching and how It has far reaching effect.  

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| May 7, 2021

Your Least Favorite Topic

One of the most disliked activities but one of the most important. 

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