The Agency Blueprint Podcast

| July 19, 2024

Season 13 | Ep 144 | The Client Retention Method

What strategies can you implement to guarantee your clients choose to stay and grow with your agency? It is easier, cheaper, and more profitable to retain a client than to find a new one; ensuring...

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| July 9, 2024

Season 13 | Ep 143 | Reducing Risk with Good Contract Drafting with Josh Barrett

Do you know that a well-crafted contract can transform your creative agency's success? There’s a clear difference between good and bad contracts for creative agencies. A well-drafted contract has...

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| July 5, 2024

Season 13 | Ep 142 | Leveraging Case Studies and Social Proof

Did you know that providing social proof can significantly boost your conversion rate in marketing and sales strategies? Clients’ case studies and testimonials are powerful tools in your sales and...

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| June 28, 2024

Season 12 | Ep 141 | Mentoring Your Team

How do you approach mentoring and investing in your team? If you want to grow and be better, you have to invest in your team. Your team is your pathway to a successful business – they are your...

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| June 21, 2024

Season 12 | Ep 140 | Strong Women in Marketing with Carmen Reed-Gilkison

What are you doing to show others that women can lead without being labeled a certain way? Women who lean into their strength and tap into what matters when leading achieve success and bring about...

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| June 14, 2024

Season 12 | Ep 139 | Sales Touchpoints like a Pro

How can you help your ideal client make the best possible choice they can for themselves during the sales process? Your responsibility as a salesperson in your agency is to have your prospective...

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| June 7, 2024

Season 12 | Ep 138 | Authenticity in Sales

Do you present yourself authentically during sales? Unlike presenting your curative version, authenticity will bring out the real you and attract the people you want to work with.

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| May 31, 2024

Season 12 | Ep 137 | Making Your Agency Newsworthy with Amanda Proscia & Mickie Kennedy

Is your agency news newsworthy? How interesting, immersive, compelling, and targeted is your news to give you results? Making your agency newsworthy takes expertise and an understanding of what works...

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| May 24, 2024

Season 12 | Ep 136 | Your Worst Enemy

Do you listen to your internal monologue? What stories do you tell yourself, and how are they impacting you? It’s so easy to get in your own way and tell yourself stories that distract and stagnate...

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| May 17, 2024

Season 12 | Ep 135 | From $1M to $5M in 24 Months

What are the existing issues that you have in your agency today? How are they preventing you from reaching the next stage of your growth?

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