Season 12 | Ep 136 | Your Worst Enemy

Do you listen to your internal monologue? What stories do you tell yourself, and how are they impacting you? It’s so easy to get in your own way and tell yourself stories that distract and stagnate your growth.   

In this episode of The Agency Blueprint, I explain how to avoid being your worst enemy and instead become a believer in yourself as the first step to growth. I also describe how anxiety affects my decision-making and how I’ve learned to deal with it. 

Don’t miss this episode to learn more about the importance of leaning into the lessons you learned from failed experiences.  

Key Questions:   

  • [01:35] What situations that have happened in the past impact the way you make decisions?  
  • [05:35] What are the potential opportunities and risks associated with your decision-making? 
  • [12:20] What do you do when your confidence is low? 

What You’ll Discover: 

  • [01:00] The importance of recognizing that you won't make the right decision at the point of anxiety, fear, and scarcity.  
  • [02:09] How not to allow anxiety to overcome you by placing it first to better understand yourself and your decision-making.  
  • [05:13] The two directions to think about when making a decision to make it ahead of time rather than from an emotional place.  
  • [08:05] Understanding that failing at something doesn’t equal failure but an invaluable lesson.  
  • [11:57] How to recognize your progress and success to boost your confidence and power through low moments in your journey.