Season 7 | Ep 84 | Your Differentiator - Stop Sounding The Same

How do you differentiate your agency from everyone else in the market? Differentiating yourself is owning who you are and attracting your ideal clients.

In this episode of The Agency Blueprint, I talk about how to take a bold step and stop sounding like every other agency in the market. I explain why aligning your why with your ideal client will help you build more meaningful and deeper relationships with your clients and have a greater impact.  

Listen in to learn why there’s nothing better than creating a business that is genuinely you.  

Key Questions:  

  • [3:28] Are you ready to own who you are and attract the people you should be working with? 
  • [4:09] When was one of your happiest moments, and why was that the case?   

What You’ll Discover: 

  • [1:16] Stop neglecting yourself and spend some time in your agency. 
  • [1:50] Why focusing on your competition is making it difficult to distinguish yourself.  
  • [3:28] How to own who you are and start working with a client base you truly enjoy.  
  • [4:41] How to tell your story and understand how it connects to your ideal client.  
  • [8:49] Embrace the person you are and your story because that’s how you’ll attract your ideal client.



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