Season 9 | Ep 104 | Transitioning Clients - How to Make the Shift

What do you do with your current clients when niching down on your services or clients? Niching down your agency makes processes more efficient and effective and is a large part of your growth and transition.

In this episode of The Agency Blueprint, I discuss the impact of niching down on your existing clients and how to handle the shift. I also explain how to manage transitioning clients when you stop offering a service where everything stays under your brand’s look and feel.  

Don’t miss this episode to learn more about methods of transitioning!  

Key Questions:   

  • [00:41] What do you do with clients after niching down your ideal clients or the services you offer?  
  • [08:38] How is your shift going to impact your agency at large?  

What You’ll Discover: 

  • [01:51] Why you shouldn’t worry about your clients finding out about your niching down process. 
  • [03:09] Ripping the band-aid method – letting go of everyone outside your focus. 
  • [03:40] The transition method – this is about how and when you make adjustments.  
  • [05:32] How to manage the transition when you stop offering a service.  
  • [07:18] The importance of being open and honest when communicating with a client about the shift.  
  • [09:01] Understanding why working with clients outside of your focus won’t make sense over time.