Season 6 | Ep 62 | The Simple Follow-Up System for Creative Agencies

How do you follow up with your prospects and turn them into buying customers? Did you know that 80 percent of sales come from the fifth to the twelve contact? This means that you need to nurture your prospects, until they feel safe.  

In this episode of The Agency Blueprint, I’m joined by a Creative Agency Success team member Darren Ward who also works exclusively with agencies. We talk about the simple and scalable follow-up system that you should put in place in your agency.  

Tune in to learn how to approach a prospective client in every stage of their buyer journey.  

Key Questions:   

  • How are you creating meaningful interactions with your prospects allowing them to know you better? (6:37) 
  • Do you have the relevant information to help you support your prospects in their buyer’s journey? (9:04) 
  • What are you doing to get to know your prospects more and add value to them? (19:38) 

What You’ll Discover: 

  • The importance of building confidence with a prospective client through consistent follow-up (2:28)  
  • How to add value to your prospect instead of being salesy, plus know when to step back [4:23] 
  • The different ways you can warm up to your prospects by providing value (7:56) 
  • How to recognize your prospects’ stage in their buyer’s journey (9:04) 
  • How to turn a cold lead into a warm lead and then into a trusting lead (12:24) 
  • The importance of recognizing dead leads to avoid any damage [14:57] 
  • The importance of calling a prospect to get to understand them better (17:09)