Season 6 | Ep 72 | The Scaleup Mindset

Wouldn’t it be great if you could be able to grow your agency while still onboarding new clients effortlessly? This needs a systematic approach and a true leadership mindset focusing on scalability.  

In this episode of The Agency Blueprint, I explain the different things you can do to scale your agency. I talk about how to enhance collaboration, define roles, improve relationships with your clients, and much more.  

Join us to learn more about your role as the agency owner during the scaleup journey.  

Key Questions:   

  • How do you provide greater value to the client to allow for you to build a relationship and grow together? [12:39] 
  • Are your intentions and expectations of the client and team clear on how to work together? [13:36] 
  • How are you working to build a culture of celebrating small wins to keep your team motivated? [16:47] 

What You’ll Discover: 

  • How to create productized services that effectively work with clients (3:08) 
  • Have a detailed system with a defined role for each of your team members (6:22) 
  • How to create a regular rhythm where everyone can collaborate [9:00] 
  • The importance of having project reports to help understand the state of projects (11:01) 
  • Have a rhythm around client meetings to develop a relationship (12:00) 
  • How to make your intentions and expectations clear to avoid time wasting (13:36) 
  • Celebrate small wins and do it more often to improve your momentum (15:43) 
  • The five key things to focus on at any given time to accomplish long-term goals (17:20)