Season 11 | Ep 127 | The Process Balance – When it is too much, too much

Is creating proposals the most time-consuming task in your agency? Do you feel like you need to change things up to make the process smoother and less time-consuming?

In this episode of The Agency Blueprint, I’m joined by Joe Ardeeser to discuss all things agency proposals and how to improve your proposal processes. Joe is the Founder/CEO of Smart Pricing Table, an interactive B2B proposal software that allows you to create, distribute, and e-sign proposals with ease. 

Listen in to learn more about the power of giving customers options and having a proposal review meeting for an opportunity to sell the proposal. 

Key Questions:   

  • [01:25] What are the biggest challenges agencies face when writing proposals, historically and in the current economy?  
  • [02:48] What mistakes do you see agencies making when it comes to proposals? 
  • [09:42] What’s your advice to an agency owner looking to shorten their proposal process? 
  • [12:48] What would you suggest to an agency that feels they do everything differently every time to find the patterns and start their proposal process? 
  • [20:35] What are your thoughts on the good, better, best model, and have you seen it done or tried it? 

What You’ll Discover:  

  • [01:44] Why time is the biggest challenge for agencies when creating proposals.  
  • [03:00] Mistakes to avoid overcomplicating your proposals, plus the importance of having a process for building proposals.  
  • [05:57] How to avoid being too vague or too detailed in your proposal and instead keep it minimal for the client to decide. 
  • [10:05] How to identify your patterns to improve your proposal processes without starting from scratch every time. 
  • [13:41] How to look out for potential blind spots preventing you from identifying patterns to improve your proposal processes.  
  • [15:56] How giving customers options can unlock agency and fill the future with surprises. 
  • [20:47] How to make a simple good, better, best model hybrid with upsells/additional items for consideration.  
  • [23:11] The importance of having a proposal review meeting for an opportunity to sell the proposal.  

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