Season 12 | Ep 140 | Strong Women in Marketing with Carmen Reed-Gilkison

What are you doing to show others that women can lead without being labeled a certain way? Women who lean into their strength and tap into what matters when leading achieve success and bring about much-needed change.  

In this episode of The Agency Blueprint, I’m joined by Carmen Reed-Gilkison to discuss women’s empowerment in business and marketing and our role in making it happen. Carmen is a Certified Online Business Manager and Whole Person Certified Coach with over 25 years of marketing experience. She works with female entrepreneurs to assess, develop, and optimize their businesses for sustainable profitability. 

Don’t miss the episode to learn more about fostering your path, creating a successful sales system for your agency, stepping into a CEO mindset as a woman leader, and more.  

Key Questions:   

  • [02:36] What are your thoughts about women being labeled bitchy, and what’s your experience and your clients’ experiences in this dynamic? 
  • [06:49] What advice would you give to a client or team member in a situation where the word bitch is being used?  
  • [16:37] What common issues do women agency owners face when getting involved in the sales and marketing aspect of a business?  
  • [21:57] What mindset tactics can women use to maintain their power and confidence?  

What You’ll Discover:  

  • [02:45] Carmen shares her thoughts on why ambitious women are labeled bitchy and how we can do better as we know better. 
  • [05:24] The responsibility of women leaders to show others what’s possible to bring much-needed change. 
  • [07:23] How to lean into your strength to de-escalate a situation where the word bitch is being used in a workplace environment.  
  • [10:58] The personal strength and fortitude it requires to tap into what matters to you as a woman leader. 
  • [14:09] Understanding how women are fostering their own paths using their experiences and the benefits of that. 
  • [16:59] How to build confidence and own your expertise as a woman agency owner to create a successful sales system.  
  • [20:59] The importance of prequalifying your leads to ensure you’re speaking to the right people and not just anyone.  
  • [22:20] How to step into a CEO mindset and start looking at things analytically and setting aside time to plan for your business.  
  • [26:35] Carmen’s Master Your Mindset in Business and Life class, plus a tip on overcoming difficulties.  

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