Season 9 | Ep 101 | Selling the Research Phase

How do you sell the research phase to clients who don’t see its value? How do you show them that research before launch makes sense for them? Skipping the research phase can lead to a painful outcome for both the agency and the client, which you want to avoid.   

In this episode of The Agency Blueprint, we talk about the impact of the research phase and how to approach selling the idea to a client. We explain the importance of taking the advisor role to teach your client the benefits of the research phase to mitigate risk. 

Listen in to learn more about casting doubt on your client using the third-party selling concept. 

Key Question:   

  • [02:30] How do you hold on to what you know is best for the client and be in a place where they’re willing to pay for it?  

What You’ll Discover: 

      • [00:40] How to hold your ground by being the advisor to your client rather than the technician. 
      • [03:11] The importance of teaching your client the benefit of the research phase.  
      • [04:29] Ways to cast doubt in what they don’t know to point out why the research is crucial.  
      • [07:30] The importance of understanding the research's impact on the project's ROI and success. 
      • [10:31] The third-party selling concept and how to use it to make a client understand the impact of research.  
      • [14:03] A summary of the episode!