Season 12 | Ep 134 | Science of Decision-Making with Jon Morris

Are your decisions guiding you to where you want to take your business? As an agency owner, you should focus your decisions on data to increase revenue, improve profits, and ultimately improve cash flow.  

In this episode of The Agency Blueprint, Jon joins me to discuss the science of agency decision-making and why all decisions should be guided by data. Jon Morris is the Founder and CEO of Ramsay Innovations, a tech-enabled finance and strategic planning company that helps marketing agencies drive success. He was also the Founder and CEO of Rise Interactive, an award-winning full-service digital marketing agency. 

Don’t miss this episode to learn more about the importance of having an operational account, savings account, and media account as a general rule for any agency.  

Key Questions:   

  • [02:22] What key decisions did you make at Rise that allowed you to scale your agency?  
  • [14:54] What’s your typical advice to clients about how much cash they should have as it reflects in their operational expenses? 
  • [21:48] If you were to select one or two things in each category to grow revenue and cash, what would you advise?  

What You’ll Discover:  

  • [02:32] Jon explains why scaling an agency should be primarily based on revenue, profit, and cash. 
  • [05:13] How to increase the percent of your revenue on sales and marketing as a key metric in scaling your business.  
  • [10:21] Strategies to make revenue/profit and invest it back to the sales and marketing piece of your agency.  
  • [15:05] Why you should have at least two to three bank accounts as a general rule to manage operations, savings, and media expenses. 
  • [18:52] The advantages of having available cash/resources in your agency to support strategic business operations.  
  • [22:12] The three metrics that matter when you think about growing revenue, plus recommendations on how to best deliver revenue.  

Connect with Jon: 

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