Season 6 | Ep 65 | Scaling Lead Generation For Your Agency

How about prioritizing your business in the same way you would a client from now on? To grow and scale your agency, you need to invest in it and become its most dedicated and largest client.  

In this episode of The Agency Blueprint, I explain how to invest in yourself and build a scalable agency. I also explain how to reprioritize time and financially account for the investments you’re making to be your own client.  

Tune in to learn how being your own client will allow you to distinguish yourself in the marketplace.   

Key Questions:   

  • How much of your revenue are you spending to grow your business and invest in yourself? (2:44) 
  • How much of your personal time can you dedicate to growing your business? (5:48) 
  • How do you distinguish your agency from competitors in the eyes of your prospects? (10:35) 

What You’ll Discover: 

  • Why you need to become your own client to successfully grow your agency (1:10) 
  • How not be afraid of failure and instead recognize the lessons in it (2:58) 
  • Start reprioritizing your personal time into growing your business [5:33] 
  • How to financially account for the investment of being your own client (7:29) 
  • How to allow yourself to experience your brand from a client’s perspective [9:32] 
  • Resources to help you invest in your agency and scale to your desires (13:16) 

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