Season 12 | Ep 139 | Sales Touchpoints like a Pro

How can you help your ideal client make the best possible choice they can for themselves during the sales process? Your responsibility as a salesperson in your agency is to have your prospective clients make the best possible decision they can, well informed, clear direction so that they can feel affirmed venturing into a new relationship with your agency.  

In this episode of The Agency Blueprint, I discuss sales touchpoints to include in your sales process to make sales work better for you and your prospective clients. I also explain how to avoid the mistake of appearing too eager in a sales conversation, which gives off a scarcity mindset and hence gives your prospective client the upper hand. 

Listen in to learn how to get prospective clients to show up to a qualification call, help them evaluate their potential direction, present a proposal, and more.   

Key Question:   

  • [01:10] What things can you think about or do to allow sales to work better for you? 

What You’ll Discover: 

  • [02:03] Don’t bring a scarcity mindset into a sales conversation; instead, bring an abundant mindset to make a sale effectively.  
  • [02:33] Slow down and share the information they need to make the best buying decision possible.  
  • [03:10] The importance of recognizing people’s buying criteria to help them facilitate that buying decision. 
  • [06:56] How to get prospective clients to show up to a qualification call by getting them a piece of collateral. 
  • [08:08] How to build upon the conversation you’ve already had for them to evaluate their potential direction. 
  • [09:36] Have the strategy conversation to evaluate what they have going on that leads to a proposal. 
  • [10:52] Share a testimonial video of another client’s experience after presenting a proposal.