Season 12 | Ep 141 | Mentoring Your Team

How do you approach mentoring and investing in your team? If you want to grow and be better, you have to invest in your team. Your team is your pathway to a successful business – they are your product, service, and the core of your agency.   

In this episode of The Agency Blueprint, we discuss mentorship and how to approach investing in your team so you can grow in many areas of your agency. We also explain the importance of taking a genuine interest in your team members and clearly communicating your expectations.  

Listen in to learn how to humanize your team, have an open line of communication, make training tangible, and more.  

Key Questions:   

  • [00:47] How do you grow and improve your agency by improving your team and investing in them? 
  • [11:01] How do you go about setting time aside to invest in your team? 

What You’ll Discover: 

  • [01:40] How to set clear expectations by having the core fundamental responsibilities to allow your team to meet them.  
  • [03:25] Understanding how communicating your expectations as a manager makes things easier. 
  • [07:04] The importance of taking a genuine interest in your team members, which plays into the overall team performance.  
  • [11:01] Humanize your team and invite them to be part of your journey by sharing the lessons, issues, and failures you’ve faced. 
  • [14:12] How to have an open line of communication where your team sees you as a supportive mentor.  
  • [18:26] The importance of making training tangible and easier for people to understand expectations.  
  • [20:02] How to make available tools, resources, and knowledge your team needs to do their jobs.