Season 8 | Ep 96 | Low Hanging Fruit – Revenue in the Next 30 Days

What is the best way to bring in more revenue to your agency in the next 30-60 days? Have you tried reaching out to old prospects and clients to see where they stand now?  

In this episode of The Agency Blueprint, I provide the best formula to reach out to closed lost prospects and generate revenue. I explain why reaching out is a working formula that will get you revenue in the door and allow you to invest in upward growth.  

Don’t miss this episode to learn how to approach this proven revenue-generation method!   

Key Question:   

  • [01:17] Have you ever been in a position where you allowed self-doubt to lead you to say NO to an opportunity and later regretted it? 

What You’ll Discover: 

  • [01:17] Reach out to prospects that said no and give them a chance to highlight if they feel differently now.  
  • [05:30] Get a list of all your closed lost prospects and all the clients you’ve worked with before.  
  • [06:21] Reach out every 3-6 months up until the point they say they’re not interested.  
  • [07:18] The system of how to reach out to these prospects, plus how the emails should look like.  
  • [11:16] The importance of following up with prospects every 3-6 months to continue being in front of them.