Season 4 | Ep 43 | Leads & Energy

There are many ways and platforms that will allow your agency to generate leads. But how will you know which one is most effective?

In this episode of The Agency Blueprint, I invited Jared an Agency Owner to talk about his challenges in making his agency scale. We dig deep into the different ways he generates leads - and go into detail on what works and what can be improved.

If you want to improve your lead generation - plus get tips on how to keep your energy high - tune in to our conversation in the podcast!

Key Questions:

  • What is the primary block that keeps agencies from reaching a million in revenue? (1:21)
  • How can you be proactive in booking speaking engagements in conferences? (5:25)
  • Can a webinar be a great alternative to conferences? (9:18)

What You’ll Discover:

  • Different lead generation tactics and which one’s most effective (2:07)
  • An ideal webinar format that runs from 30 to 45 minutes (15:45)
  • How to increase your energy levels to be more efficient and productive (22:23)