Season 6 | Ep 61 | Ingredients For Scaling A Creative Agency

Are you looking to make things easier as you grow and scale within your agency? There’s a framework with some foundational key ingredients necessary for growing and scaling your creative agency. 

In this episode of The Agency Blueprint, I explain the five key items that if implemented in your business, will lead to success. I explain in detail how you can improve yourself, your agency, and have a better understanding of your ideal client. 

If you’re keen on making work easier, outsourcing, and helping your clients achieve their goals, then this is the right podcast!  

Key Questions:   

  • In what ways are you improving yourself to produce the best results for your client? (1:10) 
  • What is the mindset you have around the management of your business? (5:03) 
  • What tasks can you automate in your business to make work more efficient? (7:02) 
  • How can you supplement yourself or strategically outsource so you have the resources to help you scale? [9:13] 

What You’ll Discover: 

  • The importance of continually growing and having refined expertise around what you do (0:43) 
  • Have a community of people who’ve been there before or are going through the same problem (3:32) 
  • How to invest in technology for proper management tools and automation (6:10) 
  • Have defined Standard Operating Processes (SOP) around how you work (7:51) 
  • Understand your ideal client so you can provide a lifetime value (10:00)