Season 7 | Ep 83 | In Service Leader Agency Owner

Would your team describe you as a servant leader? A servant leader strives to meet the needs of their team, hit their true value, and build meaningful relationships.

In this episode of The Agency Blueprint, we discuss the meaning of servant leaders and the impact they have on their teams and businesses. We explain the ways you can listen and learn from your team by allowing them to share their feedback freely. 

Listen in to learn how to embrace and celebrate failure and allow your team the space to do the same.  

Key Questions:   

  • [4:02] What is the process of setting up a framework for servant leadership? 
  • [17:00] How are you exploring new opportunities and embracing failure to grow your agency?  
  • [20:08] How are you adding value to yourself and your business by connecting and relating with like-minded people?  

What You’ll Discover: 

  • [1:00] The three levels of leadership – title, transactional, and servant leaders.  
  • [2:30] How servant leadership impacts your bottom line and the people you work with. 
  • [4:12] How to encourage your team to share their perspective so you can learn from them.  
  • [6:53] How listening to your team and asking for feedback will help you improve your business.  
  • [10:00] Focus on creating greater alignment that allows your team to be happy.  
  • [13:05] The importance of getting to know your employees to connect better.  
  • [15:18] The concept of celebrating failure and how it can lead to awesome growth. 
  • [18:37] Surround yourself with like-minded people with similar experiences.