Season 9 | Ep 98 | How to Manage Demanding Clients

Have you dealt with a demanding client before? How did they impact you and your agency? Demanding clients can be exhausting and often leave you and your team frustrated. 

In this episode of The Agency Blueprint, we discuss demanding clients and how to best manage them without ruining your relationship. We explain the importance of managing your expectations with clients and evaluating your client base to ensure you’re working with A-class clients. 

Don’t miss this episode for more on client relationships, creating alignment with clients, and client evaluation!  

Key Questions:   

  • [03:19] What are the impacts of demanding clients on agencies? 
  • [15:37] How do we manage and get out of a situation where we have to turn a client around or let them go?  

What You’ll Discover: 

    • [01:36] We define a demanding client, their traits, and what makes them frustrating. 
    • [04:16] We share our experience with a demanding client and how we dealt with him. 
    • [08:17] The importance of setting and reaffirming expectations to avoid client Misunderstandings.  
    • [09:54] How to evaluate your client base to ensure you’re working with A-class clients.  
    • [14:06] Understanding that sometimes a client isn’t worth the revenue anymore.  
    • [15:56] How to have a conversation about creating alignment and a mutually beneficial relationship with your clients.  
    • [19:15] The best strategy to let go of a demanding client while still keeping the relationship intact.