Season 6 | Ep 68 | How to Find a High-Value Niche for A Creative Agency

Does the niche you’re in feel right and true to what you’re passionate about? Selecting a niche is about differentiating yourself from the competition, so you can attract the right clients and grow your agency intentionally.  

In this episode of The Agency Blueprint, I explain the process of identifying your niche by evaluating what you’re passionate about. I also explain the questions you need to ask yourself to identify whether you’ve chosen the right niche that will allow you to make an impact.  

Listen in to learn how to differentiate your agency and start competing on meaning and impact.  

Key Questions:   

  • What do you enjoy doing, and can you monetize it? (3:45) 
  • Is your industry growing with the global average, and are there enough people to help it grow? (6:18) 
  • What is your motivation in helping clients, and how is it that you’re going to make them accomplish their goals? (14:23) 

What You’ll Discover: 

  • Understanding niche-specific industries plus the benefit of selecting a niche for your business [1:54] 
  • Why you should focus on what you’re passionate about and monetize it (3:45) 
  • The step-by-step process of evaluating and establishing the best niche for you [4:45] 
  • Questions to help you identify whether your chosen niche is the right one (15:22) 



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