Season 11 | Ep 120 | Growing Your Agency by 10-50% with 1 Meeting Framework

Did you know there’s something you could be doing to substantially grow your agency without needing to add more new clients? It involves leveraging your existing clients by adding more strategic value to grow those accounts.

In this episode of The Agency Blueprint, I discuss how to grow your agency by enhancing your relationship with clients. I also explain the importance of slowing down, listening, and engaging with your clients to know and understand them better.  

Listen in to learn more about investing in your team so they can better leverage the information they attain from clients.  

Key Questions:   

  • [01:57] How can you grow substantially year over year with the same book of business without needing to add more new clients? 
  • [12:08] What does a strategy conversation with your client entail after logging information from your meetings? 

What You’ll Discover: 

  • [02:11] The importance of getting in front of clients more and providing value to build meaningful relationships.  
  • [04:50] Why your team need to actively listen to what’s happening with your client in every encounter.  
  • [05:49] Things you need to listen out for and keep note of with your clients to understand them better.  
  • [09:21] Personal ways to engage your clients to strengthen your relationship with them.  
  • [12:08] The importance of having a strategy conversation with clients after logging information from your meetings.  
  • [13:00] The base of a strategy conversation, plus how to come up with a solution to the issues your clients are facing.