Season 12 | Ep 130 | From 8 Figures to 6 and Back Again

Are you in a place where your revenue has declined in the last 12-24 months, and you’re looking to have a recovery? Or maybe you want to recognize potential risk areas and how you can mitigate that risk.  

In this episode of The Agency Blueprint, I share the journey of a particular agency, how they handled a crisis, and how they recovered from their situation. I explain the systems and processes I helped them put together to manage the crisis, avoid going out of business, and get back to agency growth mode.  

Listen in to learn how to build strategies focusing on an agency’s short-term revenue needs and long-term revenue opportunities.   

Key Question:   

  • [00:58] Are you going through a crisis and would like to know how you can approach recovery?  

What You’ll Discover: 

  • [01:14] An example of an agency that went into full crisis mode, how they found themselves there, how they managed the situation. 
  • [02:21] How to create space to avoid going out of business, get to a breakeven or profitable place, and be able to manage the situation.  
  • [03:34] Have an audit to review where there’s room for adjustments to eliminate the easily eliminated expenses. 
  • [04:45] How to adjust the agency’s focus by getting clear on the objectives and how exactly you’ll get there. 
  • [06:35] Ways to market to your existing relationships to increase your chances of bringing in revenue when you have a longer sales cycle.  
  • [08:38] The best strategy to build new relationships with brands you want to work with to position yourself and sell campaigns.  
  • [12:17] The importance of investing enough into refining processes to eliminate wasting your team’s time. 
  • [14:35] The actions to take to be able to manage growth, like recruiting to grow the team back. 
  • [16:08] The importance of continuous improvement of processes through constant communication with the team.