Season 12 | Ep 135 | From $1M to $5M in 24 Months

What are the existing issues that you have in your agency today? How are they preventing you from reaching the next stage of your growth? 

In this episode of The Agency Blueprint, I explain how rapid growth can be achieved with the right structure. I also explain why rapid growth and success take deeper focus on what you’re doing instead of spreading your focus thin.   

Listen in to learn how to identify your ideal clients, build a network that gets you referrals, create alignment, and more.  

Key Questions:   

  • [03:04] What issues are preventing you from reaching the next stage of your growth, and can you solve them today?  
  • [04:19] How do you build a network and position your agency incredibly well? 
  • [10:46] How do you take your ideal client on an emotional journey?  

What You’ll Discover: 

  • [01:38] How having less inputs results in better results and less distraction and chaos. 
  • [04:19] The importance of clearly understanding who you’re targeting to build a network that gets you referrals. 
  • [07:46] How to build a story around your brand and ideal client by creating alignment.  
  • [09:26] How to create a pricing model that allows you to price things easily and put scopes in front of clients.  
  • [10:46] How to come up with a flexible and structured sales script that makes the emotional journey the same across clients. 
  • [12:51] How to build a framework focusing on leadership and management teams and structure the recruiting process.  
  • [14:48] How to manage agency growth by managing the financial components and building down on the KPIs. 
  • [17:04] The importance of working with the account management team to focus on cross-selling and upselling.