Season 7 | Ep 80 | Creating Space to Take Time Off

Do you want to feel less stressed out and not have to sacrifice your personal life to grow your agency? You should set a boundary to prioritize what’s important to you because compounding success comes when you focus more and do less.

In this episode of The Agency Blueprint, we discuss how to strategically create a plan to help you take more time off from your agency. We also discuss how to plan your day/week by design, so you get to prioritize tasks that help you accomplish your goals.  

Listen in to learn how recognizing your little wins gives you the energy to do better for yourself and your agency.   

Key Questions:   

  • [5:25] How do you create a framework and a structure that allows the day to no longer just happen to you but be by design? 
  • [10:20] How can you create a plan to prioritize the important things for you?  
  • [17:42] What high-leveraged tasks will help you accomplish your goals? 

What You’ll Discover: 

  • [1:36] How the feeling of needing to be needed can negatively impact you as an entrepreneur. 
  • [5:36] How to plan your day by design and have a structure in place to enjoy the fruits of your labor.  
  • [7:01] How to create a boundary for yourself that doesn’t allow for you to consume your personal time.  
  • [10:20] The steps to help you prioritize your priorities and acknowledge your wins.  
  • [13:20] Invest in your future self, make a habit of delegating, and allow your team to make mistakes.  
  • [15:14] Know what’s important to you and set your boundaries to succeed.  
  • [17:42] Why you have to choose what you can fit into your time and utilize time blocking.