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Season 4 | Ep 47 | Client Management & Proposals with Daniel Hills

If I had to point to two things that increase agency efficiency and profitability, it would have to come down to Client Management & Proposals.’ Client management would include internal, external communications and expectations. As for proposals, we want to structure them so that they can be easily updated in 15mins or less using systems and formats that are repeatable.

In this episode of The Agency Blueprint, we have Dan, agency owner, and a member of The Agency Blueprint Mastermind Program. Dan is the agency owner of a Web Design Studio based in Norwich, UK. Today, we will be going through a live consulting as he has two items that he is looking to solve. During this live consulting, we will carve out a pathway forward for him and, in turn, enlighten you. 

Key Questions:

  • Are there ways we can handle this better? (e.g., client concept feedback, scheduling work, and resource allocation) (3:02) 
  • How could we translate custom integrations or specific requirements into a standardized product in the future? (20:24) 
  • How to approach or think about RFPs? (28:20) 

What You’ll Discover:

  • How to deal with client communication & internal communication. (7:00)
  • How to offer clients a guarantee that projects will be complete by the deadline. (7:38)
  • Exploring ‘Sprint Pricing Model’ vs. Project Cost ensuring revenue and timeline expectations. (11:11)
  • How to price based on utilization rate. (13:54)
  • Having a specific niche becomes essential when setting programs and integrations during the proposal phase. (23:46)
  • Why pushing against RFP’s increases the likelihood of winning new business in the sales process. (30:36)


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