Season 7 | Ep 78 | Borrowing an Audience to Get Leads

What does it take to generate leads effortlessly at zero cost and still scale your agency? Referrals are not scalable, but getting in places where your audience already exists is and at no cost.  

In this episode of The Agency Blueprint, I talk about leveraging the centers of influence who regularly come across your ideal client. I describe how this method allows you to build a network with these people and generate leads. 

Listen in to learn more about recognizing these opportunities and building long-term relationships.  

Key Questions:  

  • [1:23] How are you leveraging centers of influence to generate leads with little effort that allows for exponential growth?  
  • [3:32] Who is getting in front of your audience daily so you can reach out and build a relationship with them? 

What You’ll Discover: 

  • [3:32] Build a network with centers of influence who regularly come across your ideal client.  
  • [4:00] How to build a list and reach out to these people who get in front of your audience daily.  
  • [5:15] Look at the media where your audience is hanging out, reach out, and build relations with them.  
  • [7:35] How to craft the email to reach out without pitching yourself.  
  • [9:11] Take time to know this person and see if there’s potential to help them and generate business.