Season 7 | Ep 73 | Agency Scale Method

Are you providing purpose and energy? Are you living in your true core expertise? Do you have authority within the space of who your ideal client is while still having profit and revenue assured? 

In this episode of The Agency Blueprint, we discuss the framework for building an agency that allows you to live in your core expertise and have true authority. We also explain how to approach selecting a niche, the power of owning your true authenticity, and differentiating your agency with your uniqueness. 

Tune in to learn more about selecting a niche and attracting and connecting with your ideal client! 

Key Questions:  

  • What are the steps needed when selecting a niche and a specialization? (5:13) 
  • How do you assess if an industry can afford you, if it’s growing, and if there are enough of them? (7:41) 
  • What’s the authentic reason you’re here, and what’s your unique offer to the world? (9:47) 
  • How can you have a meaningful impact on a person’s life whether or not they decide to work or engage with you? (18:08) 
  • How are you carving out a pathway for you and your team to be successful? (22:40) 

What You’ll Discover: 

  • How to select your niche which allows you to have a true differentiator and provide meaningful impact (1:22) 
  • The right steps to follow when selecting a niche without too many variables (5:21) 
  • The process of brainstorming industries you’ve worked with and then eliminating and filtering (6:08) 
  • The three variables that you’re going to filter out your niche to end up with 3-5 industries (6:47) 
  • Think about the data behind an industry – can it afford you, is it growing, and is there enough of them (7:35) 
  • How to differentiate yourself by highlighting your unique expertise and experience (9:40) 
  • How owning your true authentic self attracts and connects you to your ideal client [11:24] 
  • How to nail your positioning by putting yourself in the position of your ideal client (16:33) 
  • The importance of organizing your operations by creating a repeatable process that works for you (21:22) 
  • How to get into a reoccurring revenue model that prioritizes scalability and chooses the right pricing model (23:13)