Season 10 | Ep 110 | Agency Sales Update – State of The Industry with Jody Sutter

What have been your experiences in the industry lately? A lot has been happening in the industry in the current economic environment regarding longer sales cycles, greater price sensitivity, and client ghosting.

In this episode of The Agency Blueprint, I’m joined by Jody Sutter to share an update on the state of the industry. Jody is the owner of the Sutter company, a new business consulting company that advises small agencies on organizing and operating their growth strategy. Before starting The Sutter Company, she spent nearly two decades leading business development teams at large global agencies like R/GA and Havas. 

Listen in to learn how to plan around longer sales cycles and manage client ghosting by communicating your value.  

Key Questions:   

  • [02:11] What have you seen with longer sales cycles? 
  • [10:30] Do you see any economic environment where budgets are being sliced? 
  • [16:21] What are your thoughts on client ghosting, and why do you think it’s happening?  

What You’ll Discover:  

  • [02:18] How to plan around a longer sales cycle by having a larger pipeline and getting a client started with you faster.  
  • [04:02] Understanding how clients determine the sales cycle and how to plan around them.  
  • [06:46] Things that work to manage and reduce the sales cycle while benefitting your client. 
  • [11:58] The importance of having the outcome/KPIs conversation earlier in the sales process. 
  • [13:36] How to communicate your value to the client to have them understand why the risk is worth it. 
  • [16:39] The reasons why clients ghost and how to manage it to avoid time killing the deal.  
  • [19:58] Understand that client ghosting has nothing to do with you, plus how to approach the client for answers.  
  • [22:52] How to leverage ghosting clients as future prospects, which might be fruitful. 

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