Season 10 | Ep 115 | Agency Project Management – Systemize Your Success

Do you find yourself often overlooking project management? Project management is at the core of your agency and the heart of your future; without it, you will not scale.  

In this episode of The Agency Blueprint, we discuss the primary components of project management, how you should think about them, and how to make improvements. We also discuss the key functions of project management: client onboarding, ongoing client management, client follow-up, setting expectations, and closing and upselling a project.  

Don’t miss the episode to learn more about these functions and their components to successfully scale your agency.  

Key Questions:   

  • [04:28] What does it take to have a successful internal onboarding and client experience? 
  • [11:22] How can you paint a future with a client during the project?  
  • [15:14] How do you turn a project into another during the pivotal project wrap stage?  

What You’ll Discover: 

  • [01:47] Client onboarding – improve your client’s experience by making them feel confident and understood.  
  • [04:28] How to equip your team with enough time for a successful internal onboarding and client experience.  
  • [07:20] The importance of setting client expectations you can manage throughout the relationship. 
  • [08:22] How to manage the client by thinking about the touch points between meetings.  
  • [09:48] The importance of owning what didn’t work according to plan and adjusting to maintain the trust with the client.  
  • [11:22] How to paint a future with a client and keep on reminding them to avoid surprises.  
  • [15:14] The anatomy of the pivotal project wrap stage and how to leverage it and turn one project into another.