Season 11 | Ep 119 | Agency Authority Building for Scaling Lead Generation & Sales with Rusty Shelton

Are you conflicted about whether to position yourself as a corporate brand or a thought leader in the industry? Positioning yourself as a mission-driven authority in your industry is much easier because it builds trust with potential clients.

In this episode of The Agency Blueprint, I’m joined by Rusty Shelton to discuss authority building to increase trust and agency scaling. Rusty is a bestselling author, dynamic keynote speaker, and successful entrepreneur. He is also the founder of Zilker Media, an award-winning agency based in Austin, TX, that builds people-driven brands, and a Senior Marketing Strategist at Forbes Books.  

Listen in to learn more about building a personal brand, content strategy, and using content as a bridge to build relationships with people.  

Key Questions:   

  • [01:06] Why do most founders default to building a corporate brand over individual brands, and what are your thoughts on that?   
  • [04:33] Is it true that you need to keep your personal brand separate from your business if you want to scale? 
  • [09:07] How do we accelerate trust and build that personal brand? 
  • [13:29] How can you build a brand more focused on impact, growth, and not the individual?  

What You’ll Discover:  

  • [01:26] The benefits of positioning yourself as a mission-driven thought leader rather than a corporate brand as a new agency owner.  
  • [03:11] The main reasons why it’s easier when leading as an individual than a business.  
  • [04:51] How to go alongside your business brand as an agency owner to increase client trust.  
  • [07:23] The power of leading with value to create a different image in a potential customer's mind.  
  • [09:15] The action steps to take to build a personal brand online and accelerate trust with potential clients.  
  • [13:50] The importance of finding the right niche, maintaining authenticity when teaching, and bringing in your own experiences.  
  • [18:10] The power of using content as a bridge to build relationships with people as you add value.  
  • [21:41] The actions you need to take when approaching content strategy and authority building.  
  • [23:52] Where to find the Authority Advantage book by Rusty.

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